Shift Leader

ASC’s Shift Leader Course is intended to provide Shift Leaders with the occupational and behavioural skills and attitude necessary to lead Security Professionals to meet the requirements of their company and their clients. ASC develops exceptional leaders.

The Shift Leader Course prepares students to make ethical decisions, develop skills to address both exemplary and problem behaviour, develop an understanding of the Shift Leader’s legal responsibilities, communicate effectively, hone effective conflict resolution skills, maintain a positive public relations image and demonstrate the ability to write an accurate and detailed report.

The course is slated is to run over a week long period and will include syndicate work, role-playing and break out sessions. Topics of study include:

Supervision: Learning to recognize and solve problems encountered in your day-to-day operations at your job site through scenario-based training and role play.

Human Resources: The Shift Leader requires the ability to deal with subordinates in an effective manner. Shift Leaders learn a basic understanding of interpersonal relationships, learn to recognize Security Professional dissatisfaction, personal problems, and how to effectively deal with those types of issues.

Legal Responsibilities: Shift Leaders will learn legal awareness related to their duties, including civil liability, arrest, and common criminal offences. Discrimination and harassment in the workplace are taught using scenario based training and class discussion.

Communications: Shift Leaders will recognize the ability to communicate effectively involving non-verbal elements and listening. This course involves scenario based exercises and additional role paying.

Public Relations: Shift Leaders must maintain a positive public relations image through their ability to prevent or resolve conflict peacefully when faced with challenging situations. This is achieved by better understanding human behaviours and needs.

Report Writing: Shift Leaders must evaluate Security Professional’s reports and compose their own report with details provided- this course is practical and assignment based.

ASC instructors shape the course on an individualized and interactive manner. By utilizing the specific skill sets and experiences of the students, the course becomes highly interactive, realistic and applicable to a variety of work environments.

Who should apply?

The ASC Shift Leader Course is open to graduates of the Basic Guarding Course after one year of field experience. This course is ideal for the natural progression of the upwardly mobile into supervisory positions.  ASC utilizes your experiences and equips the individual with a spectrum of specialized supervisory tools.

The ASC Shift Leader Course is fun, interactive and made for you!